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Was Tom Clark’s discovery of the Sacred Spring a miracle or a chance encounter?

Click here to hear the radio drama based on the actual events. The approximate play time is 1 hour and 34 minutes

This is the Place

The Legend Starts Here

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Your Family's Great Health Begins with Good Nutrition

For over 90 years families like yours have trusted T. J. Clark products for their liquid dietary nutritional supplement needs. T. J. Clark holds the original source patent for “Colloidal Minerals” and our Colloidal Mineral product has become one of the world’s most imitated but never duplicated nutritional products.

We specialize in liquid dietary health supplements, giving you and your family a choice in what supplements to take and the ability to adjust dosage for your nutritional needs. 

From Our Family To Yours


Liquid Multi VitaminVitamins
Vitamins are essential for life and contribute to good health by regulating metabolism and assisting the biochemical processes that release energy from digested foods. Click here to learn more about vitamins.

Liquid Chelated Trace Mineral RDA'sMinerals
Bones, teeth, nails, skin, hair and all other tissues require minerals for their formation. These same minerals also play important roles in the function of the body, such as the production of energy and the control of body systems. Click here to learn more about minerals.

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